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FHA Requirements

FHA loan limits have helped stabilize the home loan markets with low rate options for refinance and home financing. From California FHA loans to New York FHA loans, we provide FHA mortgages in all 50 states. The home loan limits can be increased recently by, the Housing of Urban Development, the president, congress and the senate. FHA loan limits rose in 2008, but only to drop in 2009 as property values plummeted amid the foreclosure crisis. 2010 FHA mortgage limits will remain at 2009 limits. This is good news, because it will enable homeowners with little equity and poor credit to refinance their mortgage with a good fixed rate or purchase a new home cost effectively Residents in the many of the high cost regions have been unable to refinance out of the ARM, because property values have been declining and FHA loan limits were not high enough in their market to enable them to complete a refinance transaction.

According to FHA approved Tennessee mortgage brokers, Tennessee home loan requests have raised significantly in 2009. Maryland mortgage brokers report similar finding with Maryland home loan applications rising for FHA refinancing. When the government increased FHA loan limits they created an opportunity for many of these consumers to find a better mortgage with a fixed rate. The FHA Home Loan Refinancing Company opened its doors originally with a mission of providing home loan options for Americans with reasonable rate mortgages that enabled homeowners to improve their financing situation.


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The state pages below are listing of the FHA single family mortgage limits. The loan limits were referenced from the FHA's refinance and purchase programs with automated underwriting system online. Since government mortgage limits can change frequently, please contact your loan officer to verify applicable loan increases. (see www.hud.gov).

All home loans are subject to FHA limitations by designated geographical areas within counties and states.

Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia mortgage lenders continue to report that borrowers in those states have had troubling get approved to refinance their home because of depressed property values.

HUD came through in 2008, with higher loan limits for FHA home mortgages that will be set at 125% of the median sales price for the area. Previously, FHA lenders were restricted to offer no more than $362,790 in even the most costly areas of the country. Most real estate financers interpret the increased loan limits as temporary as the U.S. Congress imposed an expiration date at the end of 2008. In 2009 and 2010 FHA loan limits were reduced, but loan amounts remain large enough to helps millions of Americans qualify for low rate FHA refinance loans.

FHA Loan Limits and Applicable Mortgage News by State

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FHA Opens the Doors for Consumers to Secure Loan with Limited Costs at a Great Interest Rate
It's never been more important to process your loan with a trusted FHA mortgage lender! After selecting the state where your primary residence is located, ask your lending advisor how the raised loan limits could benefit you.


FHA Home Refinancing assists with foreclosure prevention efforts to stabilize the interest rates on your mortgage.

The recent mortgage modernization bill puts forth important home financing issues to legislation with better, more streamlined FHA loans that potentially should help thousands of homeowners get back on their feet with a secure fixed interest rate loan that is backed by the U.S. government.
Find Affordable Lower Mortgage Payments

The interest rates for FHA refinance and home purchase loans remain competitive and comparable to conventional Fannie Mae mortgage rates.

Rate & Term Refinance with FHA Mortgage
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Refinance Loans
FHA Mortgage after 7 or 11 Bankruptcy Discharge

Borrowers are given fixed rate grace with exceptions for qualifying made for borrowers who were not late prior to their mortgage adjusting.

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