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Our FHA mortgage lenders are standing by; ready to help you find a government insured mortgage solution. Whether you are buying your first house or refinancing an underwater loan, our FHA lenders have a wide variety of home financing products for you.

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FHA lenders provide home lending that enables homeowners with bad credit to refinance with a low fixed rate loan. FHA mortgage lending has expanded greatly since its inception in 1934. Millions of consumers have become homeowners with FHA home loans. Recently FHA lending has opened the door for borrowers to refinance their home and take cash up 85% of their home’s value.  Thousands of sub-prime borrowers flocked to the FHA lenders so that they can lower their payments and lock in a fixed interest rate for their first mortgage.  Unfortunately the risky lending caused FHA defaults to rise and FHA reserves dwindle. When you are looking for government home buying and refinancing solutions search for an Approved FHA lender like us.

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FHA interest rates continued to fall all year, but will the interest rates start rising in 2014 and 2015? HUD continues to increase the risk for FHA mortgage companies as lenders are being held more accountable than in previous years. We suggest you work with FHA lenders that have the experience and knowledge you need to successfully navigate through the mortgage maze. We look forward to the opportunity to earn you financing business.


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For the last decade we have been helping first time home buyers get government insured financing at affordable rates. We have also been one of the leading FHA mortgage lenders for borrowers seeking limited equity refinancing. Our customers like our competitive pricing and the high level of customer service that we deliver one loan at a time.

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Shopping For FHA Approved Lenders with Confidence

When applying for a FHA home loan, a prospective home buyer must first shop for a FHA approved lender. The FHA, or the Federal Housing Administration, has a list of approved lenders in every region across the United States that provides FHA approved home loans, and in order to get a FHA home loan, a person must go through an approved lender.

The website for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, will typically have an easy to navigate list of approved FHA lenders for each area. HUD will authorize or approve certain lenders across different regions of the United States to originate government insured mortgages. When shopping for an ideal FHA approved lender, the process is similar to shopping for any lender, and finding the best FHA home loan will take some research of different lenders and their individual terms and conditions.

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HUD revised the FHA lending spectrum with new FHA requirements for Approved FHA lenders and revised FHA guidelines for borrowers looking to refinance or buy residential properties in the United States. FHA Lenders were issued a temporary increase for mortgage limits in high cost areas.

  • FHA Lenders were required to have a higher net worth and an increased capital reserves
  • FHA introduced new appraisal requirements for FHA loans
  • Down-Payments for FHA Home Buying Increased to 3.5%
  • No Financed Fees on FHA Streamline Programs
  • FHA Mortgage Lenders raised credit score requirements to a 500 Fico

Some lenders will offer some incentives like no lenders fees or covering closing costs, but these advantages will often come with some sort of a price. FHA mortgages that cover closing costs will allow a person to pay very little out of pocket to close on their home while they subsequently have higher interest rates over time. These lenders are perfect for those who are looking to close on their home quickly and don't mind paying the eventual amount of the closing costs over time, but they may not be recommended for those who can afford to pay more right away to close on a desired home.

Also, FHA approved lenders that cover lender's fees will follow the same rule; they will offer to cover these fees at the expense of a higher interest rate on the loan over time. This higher rate is not typically very expensive and will normally be around a percentage point or so higher than the rate would be if the fees are not covered, but it does provide an ideal option for those looking to spend less to close right away.

Finding the best FHA lender will often take some shopping around to ensure that an individual has found the best loan for their situation, and shopping for the perfect loan is normally not a difficult endeavor. When shopping for one of these loans, it is best that any prospective home buyer weigh out exactly what they want from their mortgage and find the lender that will offer a loan to best fit their needs.

FHA Interest Rates
Home Refinancing

The interest rates for FHA refinance and home purchase loans remain competitive and comparable to conventional Fannie Mae mortgage rates. According to the official FHA blog, no lending product has been more valuable to new house buyers than the FHA loan program that is backed by the U.S. government..

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As the foreclosure crisis continues to hit home, more and more Americans are searching for mortgage relief opportunities. Ask your FHA lender about new initiatives that may be applicable.

Check out our blog for breaking FHA news. You will find anything related to FHA lending here.


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