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2014 FHA Loan Limits

People buying and refinancing homes in the United States have been afforded high loan amount capabilities as Congress has kept high FHA limits for 2014. This is a big deal because, the Federal Housing Administration is driving the financing vehicle for first time home buying and high loan to value refinancing.

A loan limit is the maximum amount allowed for a mortgage loan, and each year loan limits should be researched before a person applies for a mortgage loan. FHA loan limits for the year 2014 are going to be lower than in recent years, with FHA mortgages only backing loans of $625,500 or less. While the amount allowed by FHA mortgage loans will vary depending on the region of the country a person is looking to purchase a home in, this scale back is driven by the rebound of the housing market being seen in many parts of the country, and the new maximum of $625,500 is the loan limit that will be found in more expensive regions across the United States such as those found in California or New York.


Learn More About 2014 Loan Limits

FHA limits are set each year by Congress. Many first time home buyers and existing homeowners will benefit from the higher FHA limits in 2014.

  • Raised Loan Limits Increase Purchase Power
  • Pre-Approval Letters for Making an offer
  • Gift Funds Allowed
  • 3.5% down-payment
  • Get Help with Grants for First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buying with High Loan Amounts

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2014 Limits for FHA Mortgage Programs Remain Aggressive

In more "middle of the road" areas of the United States, loan limits will be placed around the $417,000 range, allowing those looking to finance a home using an FHA mortgage to qualify if their desired mortgage amount is equal to or less than the $417,000 figure. This figure allows a person, couple, or family to acquire a very suitable home using an FHA home loan, as this figure will often cover many different substantially sized houses within a middle income area.

For those looking to purchase a home in a lower income area, the loan limits for an FHA home loan will be around the $271,050 mark. However, the figure of $271,050 is the lowest loan limit the FHA offers for home loans, and higher limits may be found in these areas as well.

Loan limits are made by looking at various median home prices across a certain region, allowing the loan limits on FHA home loans to follow the market of any given area. Due to the rebound of the housing market that has been occurring in recent years, the FHA has decided to scale back their loan limits to reflect on the housing prices now being seen in various regions of the country, as the median price of a home is beginning to drop.

Researching the FHA loan limits in a desired region is a great place to start when looking to purchase a home with an FHA home loan. These limits are present, and different, in each region of the United States, so it is always best to look at loan limits that are specific and exclusive to a person's desired area.


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