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Comparing First Time Home Buyer Loans in California with FHA

FHA has contributed to the housing recovery for first time buyers in California by extending flexible credit terms, low rates and minimal down- payment requirements. First time home loans in California are available at competitive interest rates high loan limits.

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The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) both offer first-time homebuyer programs in California.  Typically, whenever a family or individual is shopping for their first home, they will hear the terms FHA or HUD yet have no knowledge of their relationship to one another.  Before you sit down to compare FHA down payment programs for first time home buyers with HUD home buying help programs, it helps to know more about these two government agencies.
HUD is the federal agency that is responsible for managing government-backed or subsidized homes including FHA loans. 

There are similarities between FHA and HUD loans.  For instance, they both offer property rehab and repair options in their loan programs.  Both loans, credit requirements are less strict than other types of mortgages because they are backed by the US Government.  If there is a significant difference, it’s the fact that the FHA typically works with individuals whereas HUD loans are geared more towards commercial and multiple family dwellings.

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Both the FHA Down Payment Assistance in California and the California down payment assistance with HUD programs enable families and individuals from low-income households to obtain a home loan when other banks and lenders won't loan them the funds. These programs feature loans that have Non-Discrimination Policies, provide financial assistance if you want to create a more energy-efficient home, and offer refinance or rehab options for doing home repairs and/or property improvement. Additionally, their programs offer better terms, lower down payment requirements, and lower interest rates for first-time home buyers.

FHA and HUD first-time homebuyer programs must comply with the fair lending policies that the Department of Housing and Urban Development has established. This means that you cannot be discriminated against by any lender who participates in these programs. You have the right to file a complaint if you feel you have been discriminated against or have been victimized by a predatory lender. Finally, since the Federal Housing Administration is an agency that is managed by HUD, they have no home inspection programs. Therefore, all home inspections are typically performed by HUD.


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