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FHA mortgage loans are simple to qualify for because credit scores are not equated into underwriting. With refinancing allowed up to 96.5% virtually no equity is needed to modify or refinance your first mortgages.

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As the economy sputters, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government continue to extend discounted incentives for home financing. Clearly the current FHA mortgage rates are an example of a home buying beneficiary. Nobody really knows how long will lenders be able to provide 4% FHA rates on 30-year terms, so that is why we recommend that you seize the opportunity and lock into the best FHA loan rates we have seen in a generation

Sense of Urgency for First Time Home Buyers: In the future when FHA interest rates rise, borrowers will be able to buy less of a home, because when FHA rates rise, so does the cost of money for home financing.

Motivation for Homeowners: If you already own a home then you must be aware of how much money refinancing into a lower interest rate would mean to you monthly. The bottom line is that record low FHA mortgage rates will result in reduced housing expenses that can increase your cash flow immediately.

Insurance Premiums Going Up? It's no secret that the Federal Housing Administration has been forced to raise insurance premiums on FHA loans in an effort to elevate the depleted reserve funds because of defaulted mortgages.

Any day FHA will likely hike the cost of up-front mortgage premiums between 25 and 75 basis points. This will affect savings between $2 and $5 to a consumer's average monthly housing payment, even though The FHA mortgage rates are at record lows.

FHA Mortgage Rates
Look for the Best Fixed FHA Rates Online

Did you know that interest rates on FHA insured loans remain competitive? Many of our featured lenders offer great FHA rates for purchasing and refinancing mortgages. We will connect you with government lenders that offer the lowest FHA mortgage rate on the Internet. FHA rates fell to record lows again this year as millions of Americans scrambled to buy or refinance homes. The sub-prime market has crashed and the non-conforming programs left are requiring 20% equity and the interest rates are in the double digits while the FHA-mortgage rate remains competitive with the lowest rates from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These government insured loans allow cash back from 85% Loan to Value to qualified homeowners.

Affordable Home Financing with Fixed FHA Rates Breaks Records

If you are simply refinancing your first mortgage, HUD allows you to refinance up to 96.5% Loan to Value. FHA loan rates have never been this low so take advantage of this government home financing opportunity to save money! With interest rates this low the likelihood of you getting the rate of a lifetime are great.


Lock in Lowest FHA Rates in 30-Years
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Today's FHA mortgage rates have fallen to historic lows and qualifying for these government loans is very reasonable. You have the ability to minimize your housing expenses by fixed rate refinancing with the lowest FHA rates ever recorded.

  • Fixed FHA Rates with No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Find the Lowest FHA Streamline Rates Online
  • Save Money with Better FHA Loan Rates
  • Finance Home Repairs Cost Effectively
  • Convert from Variable to Fixed Interest Rates
  • Great FHA Refinance Rates for Lower Payments!

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The current FHA mortgage rates have never been lower. When FHA loan rates fell below 4% earlier this year on 30-year mortgages, we hit a new level for low interest financing in the United States. The FHS interest rates have been steady for the last few years with the government promoting a theme of affordability with FHA lenders and banks. With most economic advisors predicting inflation on the horizon, it is no secret that most finance professionals recommend locking into a low FHA mortgage rate while the low rate trend is a reality. FHA refinancing rates have helped thousands of homeowners save money with lower monthly payments fixed to low interest rates. The streamline rates have made refinancing quick and easy for existing FHA customers.

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7 Reasons to Qualify for FHA Mortgage Rates Before They Start Rising

For several years, mortgage rates have been at historic lows. Many have taken advantage of these low rates and refinanced their homes. It is a great time to buy homes with these rates so low. The days of these low rates are slowly ending though. If you are thinking about buying a home, you need to understand the reasons why the government rates are starting to rise:

  1. Inflation is one reason. Inflation happens when the purchasing power of money decreases. This leads to increases in prices. The era of the lowest mortgage rate can actually lead to inflation. Low rates tend to increase the amount of money in the system and that leads to inflation.
  2. The Federal Reserve can't subsidize interest rates forever. The artificially low mortgage rates will have long term effects on buying power. In order to counteract this, the Fed will continue to print money. That also leads to inflation.
  3. The U.S. government has reached its debt limit. While the government can take action to raise the debt limit, it will have long term effects. If interest rates increase because of this situation, that will lead to higher FHA mortgage rates.
  4. Housing and Urban Development, known as HUD, cannot keep raising the FHA reserves. By law, FHA has to keep a cash reserve in order to cover losses from bad mortgages. After the mortgage collapse a few years ago, FHA's reserves dropped to levels below their legal mandate. In order to avoid a problem, HUD raised their reserves. However, that cannot keep up in the long term.
  5. Banks must start earning interest at some point. One of the factors that drive mortgage lending is the ability of banks to make money off of interest. With very low mortgage rates, they make little profit. So, they tend to be miserly in giving mortgages out.
  6. The U.S. Treasury will not continue to back mortgages over the long term.
  7. In the mortgage business, the law of gravity says, "What goes down must eventually come up." Economic cycles are part of this.

The FHA mortgage was created to assist homeowners with preventive financing measures to prevent home foreclosures resulting from loan payment defaulting. Many consumers in all 50 states are struggling with the recently adjusted mortgage payment. FHA mortgage loans offer first time homebuyers and bad credit borrowers an affordable low rate home mortgage.

FHA Interest Rates Have Dropped again for 30-Year Fixed Rate Loans!
FHA mortgage refinance and home purchase loans remain competitive and comparable to conventional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sponsored mortgage rates. Several real estate statistic sources point out that interest rates for FHA home loans are more than 30% lower than subprime finance rates offered by traditional lenders.

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With the Federal Reserve dropping the treasury interest rates again, government mortgage rates have fallen and millions of consumers are benefitting from the FHA home mortgage rate cuts. Many financial analysts predict that interest rates for FHA refinancing will remain unusually low in 2014 through 2016 in an effort to curb and combat the past housing crisis.

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More and more borrowers are in need of flexible credit requirements and loan guidelines that are more forgiving.

FHA loan rates have hit record lows, so now more than ever can borrowers with less than perfect credit benefit from low FHA interest rates. Find out if you qualify for loan relief or a refinance loan with a guaranteed fixed rate.


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