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According to a recent MBA survey, millions of Americans are considering buying a home this year because interest rates have fallen and home prices have plummeted. In good times and bad times, the Federal Housing Administration has extended credit to first time home buyers seeking affordable housing. Read the blog post, How the FHA Mortgage Helps New Buyers Finance.

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Home Buying with Bad Credit

Unlike most traditional mortgage companies today, we offer multiple loan offers for home buying with bad credit. If you need help to financing a house with poor credit, complete this simple form below and our lenders will follow up to discuss your home financing needs. Are you are a person who has always paid your bills on time but you don't have many credit cards and never been a homeowner? If you are then don't get frustrated because we have lenders to help you purchase a home with limited credit.

Getting approved for a home loan with bad credit can be an experience to say the least. Stop wasting your time with conventional lenders that simply will not extend credit to borrowers who have less than a 640 credit score. Regardless of the reason for bad credit, take a few minutes and get a free quote from lenders that want to help ease the home buying process for you.


Learn How to Buy a House with Bad Credit

  • Finance a Home with a Low Fixed Rate
  • Buy a Home with a Minimal Down Payment
  • Get Pre-Approved to Finance a Home even if you have been labeled a high risk borrower

Home Financing for All Credit Score Ranges

FHA mortgages are also popular for those with past bankruptcy or foreclosure. Knowing how to qualify for a FHA loan when you have had one of these can be very empowering. Your bankruptcy had to have occurred at least two years ago; three years for a foreclosure, with perfect credit since the occurrence of either. Getting approved to buy a home with bad credit is not easy with traditional loan companies. We will help you find FHA lenders that still have the ability to approve borrowers with 500 credit scores.

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Do Credit Scores Remain Important For Buying a House?

Owning a home is the dream of just about everyone. In fact, this particular goal is the cornerstone of the American dream. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who find that their dream is unattainable because they did not take the proper steps to make sure that their credit was in good shape before going to a bank or other lending institution and requesting financing. If you are concerned about your credit score and how it might affect your ability to get favorable terms on a home loan, there are a few things you can do before you ever step foot in a bank. There are still loans for home buying with bad credit, but it may be more difficult.

The first step should be to find out exactly what your credit score is. Fortunately, there are a number of free resources available online that can tell you what your credit score is with the three major credit reporting bureaus. This will also give you the opportunity to take a closer look at your history. It is a good idea to spend a lot of time carefully sifting through your credit history in order to make sure that there is no inaccurate information that can negatively affect your ability to get a loan.

Keeping your credit in good shape means paying all of your bills on time and maintaining a low balance on any and all credit cards that you may have. It's not enough to simply have a high credit score, you also need to have a reliable credit history, which means that making all of your payments on time will definitely have a positive effect when it comes time to negotiate the best possible terms for your loan.

While banks and other home lenders pay careful attention to credit scores and history, they also look at other factors such as an individual's debt to income ratio, the amount of money that they are able to put as a down payment, and even their employment history. Once you know exactly what banks are going to consider when determining your qualifications as a borrower, you will be better able to plan ahead and take care of any potential problems and you will find yourself in a better position to negotiate for the best terms possible. Being a smart borrower not only means putting yourself in a position where you can maximize your purchasing power, it also means comparing the rates and terms from several different lenders in order to find the loan that best suits your needs and goals.


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