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According to Brian Sullivan, a spokesman from the Federal Housing Administration, the FHA has 500,000 mortgages in its portfolio that are not eligible for the FHA streamline based solely on cutoff date. He said that 145,000 of these non-eligible borrowers have interest rates above 5%.

FHA Loan Limits

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Each year, HUD sets the FHA loan limits by county for all 50 states. Borrowers got good news when HUD announced the 2016 FHA Loan Limits. There are many benefits to homeowners when FHA limits allow higher loan amounts. FHA rates remain at record lows so more Americans can qualify for affordable home financing when HUD keeps the FHA loan limits higher, especially in high cost areas like California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, New York and Virginia. Since conforming loan limits have tightened credit and equity requirements, FHA financing supports a good percentage of homeowners, so FHA mortgage limits are more important than ever. Today is a great opportunity to qualify for the FHA loan amount you need to buy that house you have been considering.
















Congress Signs Mortgage Relief Bill to Keep FHA Loan Limits High

FHA loan guidelines have tightened as well, but they continue to be more flexible with credit and equity compared with traditional lenders. FHA Home Loan Refinancing provides FHA financing in all 50 states, but the FHA limits vary significantly by county and state. This year, the single-family FHA loan limit continues to start at $271,050 and goes as high as $729,750 in high cost regions of the country. FHA loan programs remain a key component in the government's expansion for home ownership. 2016 FHA loan limits were considered good news by FHA lenders and borrowers who were concerned that Congress would reduce loan limits on all FHA products.


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Since buying or refinancing with a FHA mortgage rate is your best opportunity for low fixed rates with little equity or small down-payments required, knowing the FHA limits in your region is essential to get the best housing payment. FHA limits can change frequently, please contact your FHA lender to verify applicable FHA loan limit changes.

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While the no money down loan program has vanished for non-VA borrowers, FHA continues to boast of great programs for first time homebuyers that only need a 3.5% down-payment to become a homeowner.  Take advantage of aggressive credit guidelines and high FHA loan limits and get approved today.

The state pages below are listing of the FHA single family mortgage limits. The 2016 FHA loan limits were updated recently.  All FHA home loans are subject to HUD rules and FHA requirements.


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Please be aware that Congress and the Department of Housing and Urban Development can change the parameters at any time on FHA loan limits.