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Read, Research and Review the latest FHA programs for Home Buying and Loan Refinancing.

Borrowers all over the country report difficulty refinancing with conventional mortgage lenders, so now is the time to discuss your situation with our FHA lenders providing solutions to the adjustable rate crisis.

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FHA mortgage loans are simple to qualify for because credit scores are not equated into underwriting. With refinancing allowed up to 97% virtually no equity is needed to modify or refinance your first mortgages.

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If you currently have a conventional, private money, non-prime or equity line of credit that has adjusted or is about to convert to a higher adjustable rate mortgage, take action and discuss the FHA mortgage refinance loans that are available to you immediately. FHA mortgage loans come highly recommended for borrowers in a need of a secure rate and term refinance mortgage that guarantees a fixed interest rate for thirty years.


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Financial advisors and mortgage lenders across the country continue to endorse FHA home loans as a solid fixed rate solution at a time when many consumers are suffering from rising variable rate loans. Even if you have been denied by a conventional mortgage lender you should research the availability of refinancing with the government sponsored FHA refinance loans. FHA loans offer first time homebuyers and bad credit borrowers an affordable low rate home mortgage.

Find Affordable Lower Mortgage Payments

FHA Mortgage Refinance Terms offer 30-Year Fixed Rate Loans to 97.5%
The 15 and 30-year refinance rates remain competitive when comparing to prime conforming rates that are usually only available to borrowers with good credit scores and sufficient equity. The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac type refinancing is restricted to 80 or 90% in most cases, while FHA refinancing allows borrowers to refinance up to 97.5%.


With Congress and the Senate encouraging interest rate reductions again, FHA mortgage rates have fallen and homeowners finally able to find a fixed rate refinancing solution that makes their ARM disappear. Many mortgage lenders report lower mortgage rates for term refinancing and consumers are responding with home saving stories that helped them prevent foreclosures in many cases.

Rate & Term Refinance with FHA Mortgage
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Refinance Loans
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  Homeowners are offered fixed rate refinancing if they have an ARM with a rising payment that may help them qualify for a great loan if they were never late prior to their loan becoming adjustable.  

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