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2010 FHA Loan Limits

Congress finally passed a bill to set the 2010 FHA loan limits at the previous year’s FHA level.  Borrowers across the country responded positively to the 2010 FHA loan limits for new home buying, refinancing by applying for FHA mortgage loans at a rapid rate this year. FHA mortgage limits are set by HUD at the end of the year for the following calendar year. FHA limits set the tone for financing boundaries by state, county and region.  Before you start picking out the paint color for your new home, consider the FHA loan limits to verify program eligibility.

Find Affordable Lower Mortgage Payments

The 2010 basic standard FHA Loan limits and maximum FHA mortgage amounts for FHA insured loans are:






FHA Home Loans





Home Equity Conversion




HOPE for Homeowners





Freddie Mac/ Fannie Mae





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