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The FHA Blog provides fresh insight and news on all thing related to the loan programs insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Our team of writers' posts great FHA articles for people who need help with refinancing and home purchasing. Take advantage of the blog and sign up to have FHA mortgage rate updates emailed to you as they change.

FHA Home Loan Articles

FHA Guideline Articles

Higher FHA Mortgage Insurance Threatens Refinancing and Purchasing
The Truth Behind Subprime vs. FHA Loans
FHA Loan Requirements for 2011
First Time Homebuyer Loans from FHA
5 Steps to Get Pre-Approved for a FHA Home Loan
New Rules for Approved FHA Lenders
FHA Super Jumbo Loans
FHA Rates Lower than Conforming Interest Rates
Power Saver Loan Program
Popular FHA Mortgage Loan Programs
Financing Home Improvements with FHA 203K Loans
New FHA Short Refinance Solution for Underwater Mortgages
Will 2011 FHA Loan Limits Drop?
2011 FHA Loan Guidelines and Credit Requirements
FHA Home Financing Stepping Up
FHA Loans Support Refinancing and Home Buying
FHA Loan Program is Exempt from Risk in Mortgage Reform Bill
FHA Loans Improve Performance
FHA Offers Green Mortgage Promoting Energy Efficient Housing
Is FHA Mortgage Financing in Trouble?
Are FHA Home Loan Programs at Risk?
FHA Loans to Offer Principal Reductions?
House Approves New FHA Loan Plan
FHA Home Loans Ensure Affordable Financing for First Time Home Buyers
FHA Home Loan Market Declines
FHA Home Loan Programs Driving Mortgage Economy
FHA Loans Providing $8,000 Upfront to 1st Time Home Buyers
FHA Home Loans Costing More
Is the FHA Home Loan Program Helping Families Save Their Homes Act Working
FHA Home Loans Remain Most Popular Mortgage in 2009
Bridal Registry Accounts Welcomed with FHA Home Loans
FHA Home Loans Continue to Finance California Home-Buying
FHA Home Loans Being Originated by Private Money Mortgage Companies
FHA Loan Programs
FHA Home Loans Takes Giant Share of Mortgage Market
FHA Home Loans Gain Popularity after Subprime Meltdown
FHA Benefits New Homebuyers in 2008
FHA Home Loans Introduce Jumbo Mortgages
Frequently Asked FHA Home Loan Questions
FHA Offers New Hope with Additional Home Loan Options

2011 FHA Credit Score Requirements
Requirements for FHA Approved Lenders
Tighter FHA Loan Requirements for Lenders and Borrowers
Low Fico Borrowers Required 10% Downpayment for FHA Loans
FHA Loan Changes for 2010
FHA Loan Programs and FHA Guidelines Revised
FHA Loan Guidelines Changing
FHA Loan Programs to Raise FICO Requirements
Credit Profiles for FHA Loan Guidelines
2010 FHA Loan Limits
New FHA Loan Guidelines Go Into Effect
FAQ – Underwriting for FHA Loans
FAQ – Down Payment Requirements for FHA Home Loans
FAQ for New FHA Home Loan Limits
FHA Home Loan Limits Released for 2009
FHA Mortgage Loan Guidelines
FHA Considers Expanding Risk Based Home Loans
Will HUD Raise Credit Score Requirements for FHA Home Loans?
FHA Lenders See Tighter FHA Guidelines and Requirements
FHA Home Loan Credit Policy for Bad Credit at Risk
HUD Considers Tightening FHA Guidelines
FHA Loan to Value Guidelines
The Demand for FHA Mortgages Continues to Rise
FHA Loan Programs and 2011 FHA Guidelines FHA Mortgage Help

FHA Refinance Articles Miscellaneous FHA Articles
FHA Refinancing Tips
FHA Mortgage Rates Still Affordable
FHA Refinancing or Second Mortgage for Cash Out?
FHA Streamline Refinance Program
FHA Streamline Refinance Rates
FHA Refinance Guidelines
FHA Refinance Loans
FHA Short Refinance Loan Update
Are Low Rate FHA Refinance Loans Getting Better?
Refinance Guidelines too Tight for Many Homeowners
FHA Tightens Streamline Refinance Program
FHA Streamline Loan Market Remains Hot
FHA Loans Soar in Popularity for Refinancing
FHA Home Refinancing Highlights
FHA Rumored to Tighten Cash Out Refinancing Guidelines
No Appraisals Required with New Refinance Program
FHA Hope for Homeowners
FHA Refinance Loans Save Borrowers Thousands of Dollars As Interest Rates Hit Record Levels
FHA Refinance Loans Expand with Hope for Homeowners to Stop Foreclosure
FHA Secure Refinance Loans Disappear
New FHA Hope for Homeowner Loan Program
Updated FHA Home Loan Stats for Refinancing
Refinancing with FHA HOPE for Homeowners Loans
FHA Rates Ripe for Refinancing
FHA Loan Modification vs FHA Refinance Guidelines
No Cost FHA Streamline Refinance Loans
FHA Home Loan Opportunities for First Time Homebuyers

Mortgage Relief with Emergency Homeowner Loans
FHA Loan Default Rate Signals Wave of Home Foreclosures
FHA 203K Loans
FHA Loan Reserve Fund Drops to 7 Year Low
FHA Mortgage Loans Defaulting?
New FHA Loan Modification Plan
FHA Asks for 800 Million to Support Reverse Mortgage Loans
FHA Eases Strict New Rules Builders and Mortgage Lenders
FHA Loans Targeted for New Mortgage Fee Increases
US Government Waffling on Mortgage Loan Relief?
FHA Loans Are Not the New Subprime
FHA Mortgage Lenders Aiding Homeowners with Loan Modifications
FHA Mortgage Applications Tripled in the Past Year
FHA Announces Foreclosure Prevention Program
Congress Lagging on FHA Home Mortgage Bill
FHA Mortgage Insurance Lifted for Foreclosed Homes
House Passes Housing Bill with FHA Mortgages
Congress Working with FHA to Stabilize the Housing Market
FHA Mortgage Bill Runs Hits Snag in Senate

Interest Rate Articles  

Comparing FHA Interest Rates to Conventional Rates
FHA Mortgage Rates Could Rise in 2010
FHA Rates Low but FHA Guidelines Changing in 2010
Low Tennessee Mortgage Rates for FHA Loans
Pennsylvania Mortgage Rates for FHA Loans
FHA Mortgage Rates Below 5% in Ohio and Virginia
Mortgage Groups Reduce FHA Home Loan Forecast as Rates Increase
FHA Mortgage Rates Drop Below 5%
FHA Mortgage Rates Creep Up to 5%
FHA Mortgage Rates Rise and Home Loan Volumes Fall
Thirty-Year FHA Home Mortgage Rate Update


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