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FHA mortgage are more flexible than conforming loans that most mortgage lenders have offered over the last few years

Non Conforming Home Loans

Consumers with bad credit can refinance their mortgage with a non-conforming home loan. Many borrowers are taking a second look at subprime loans because of high interest rates and the negative reality of rising payments from adjustable rate mortgages. The FHLR Corporation enables consumers to qualify for home loans with bad credit so they can refinance at a reasonable interest rate. A non-conforming mortgage or jumbo loan is when the loan exceeds the county, state or federal limit with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or FHA. $417,000 is the current limit for conforming and conventional loans, but that is expected to be lifted any day.

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Non Conforming Refinancing with Bad Credit Home Loans that Have
Expanded with Options for Cash and Better Fixed Rate Terms.

If you already have a good rate, but need cash out and you don't qualify for a 2nd mortgage, compare FHA and non conforming loans. FHA does allow people to qualify for a mortgages for bad credit. In most cases FHA home loans will secure a lower interest rate, but FHA loans have mortgage insurance and non conforming loans typically do not. Mortgage insurance is tax deductible, but you need to weigh the pros and cons with your personal situation. FHA does not insure home equity loans but they do allow them in conjunction with FHA insured 1st mortgages.

Find Affordable Lower Mortgage Payments

The mortgage rates for FHA refinance and non conventional mortgages are competitive but the equity requirements are more relaxed than the traditional Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgage loans.

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Because of plummeting home values and high adjustable rates, many consumers are inquiring about the FHA Secure options that are offered to homeowners who were never late prior to their mortgage adjusting.

Interest Rates on Non-Conforming Loans:  Read the Blog, Comment and Post Questions about Home Buying and Loan Refinancing.


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