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FHA Requirements for FHA Purchase Loans


FHA loan programs provide an equal opportunity for lending with expanded credit guidelines with no credit score requirements; however, many FHA lenders and banks are requiring a minimum credit score to protect them on the secondary market in the event the US government did not insure the entire mortgage for home loan default purpose. Below is a list of required documentation for FHA home loans for a purchase money mortgage. Please gather the FHA requirements and have the list of documentation ready before submitting your mortgage into process.

o HUD-1 Statement showing Purchase Money Transaction as required by:

o 1 Month worth of t recent paystubs (indicating YTD Year to Date income)

o 2 Recent Years of W-2′s (for borrowers with a salary)

o If Self Employed Borrowers; 2 recent tax returns with all schedules (including all pages with commission, dividend, rental income)

o Social security, pension and/or retirement award letters (if applicable)

o 2 most recent bank statement for all accounts with all pages (copies of 2 recent months)

o Existing statements for all investment and saving accounts with all pages

o Written Letter of Explanation detailing derogatory comments and late payments on credit report

o Drivers License with photo ID (copy)

o Social Security Cards

o Name, Address and Telephone Number of Landlord for the past year.

o Sales Contract with Listing and Selling Agent phone Numbers

o Clear Termite Report

o Well and Septic Certifications (if applicable)


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