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At the FHA Home Loans & Refinancing Blog, we provide you with assistance that will help you best use an FHA mortgage loan. In 1934 HUD created the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) in an effort to provide fair mortgage lending to all Americans regardless of the neighborhood.FHA does not actually lend any money; rather, they insure the mortgages made by participating mortgage companies. This helps FHA mortgage lenders to consider you less of a risk because they have the backing of the federal government.

Our FHA loan blog is dedicated to making sure that you understand how to qualify for an FHA home loan programs whether you are seeking a refinance or new home purchase loan. FHA mortgage rates continue to record at record low interest rates, so don’t wait to long if you need to refinance into an affordable monthly payment.


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Does the fact I had to short sale because of being moved by the military 2 years ago mean that I would not be able to qualify for FHA loan? Thanks – MSG John Jackson


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